Socially Responsible Clothing

They may be the simplest items in your wardrobe, but not all T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are created equal.

Feel good about what you wear. We believe that it's important that our clothing is made in a low impact way. So all our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton or fabrics that are sustainable. We have specifically chosen suppliers who work in regions where organic cotton is planted and harvested by hand, without mechanisation, and because organic farming does not use petroleum based chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide, it is less reliant on fossil fuels. To us that seems to make common sense. And that's OK.

Why do we use water based inks? Our Water Based Inks Do Not Contain Toxic Chemicals. Most commercial screen printers print garments using plastisol inks, which are easy to use and last well. However, plastisol inks contain PVC and phthalates that are harmful to the environment and have been linked to numerous medical disorders. Plastisol inks also require the use of harmful solvents in the cleaning process. Water based inks do not contain PVC or phthalates and you don't need solvents to clean the screens down after they've been used - you can clean them with water. It’s as simple as cleaning up after ourselves. And that's OK

We don't expect to change the world, we're not trying to be morally superior, but we are giving a guarantee that all DRONEWEAR apparel is sourced and finished with true respect for people and the planet. It doesn't make us better, but it makes us feel better about what we do and what we contribute. And that's OK.

Thank you for believing in what we do.