About us

The DRONEWEAR Story. Simple question. How many T-shirts have you got in your wardrobe? A good T-shirt is like a good friend, always there for you, whether you're living it down or living it up. A good T-shirt is easy to wear and it goes with everything. In short, you can't do without it. You, like me, probably have a passion for the best T shirts.

So why DRONEWEAR? Every now and then something comes along that fundamentally changes our world, forever. Although they have a plethora of names, such a Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) they have become commonly referred to as drones. And, although they have existed for many years it is only recently that advances in technology have made them more widely available. Unfortunately for many outside this industry the word drone has negative connotations. But, there are over 350 commercial applications for drones with new ones being found every day. Some are immensely enjoyable and fun such a the burgeoning sport of Drone Racing. Others have a more practical application such a protecting rhinos from poachers in Africa.

With DRONEWEAR I wanted to create a high quality clothing brand to be enjoyed by people who are passionate about drones and who also appreciate and value sustainable apparel and artisan craftsmanship.

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Mark Rosser